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Celebrity Testimonial

Celebrity Testimonial

The Power of Celebrity:

Isn’t it great when the person saying nice things about also happens to be famous?

Business Video

Business Video

Tell Your Story:

Who are you?  What do you do?  And why are you different from everyone else doing the same thing?


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Mooresville Ford Testimonial

Mooresville Ford Testimonial

The Testimonial:

What people say about you is far more powerful than how you sell yourself!


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Avalon Farm website

Luxury Real Estate Video

Avalon Farm:

A true luxury estate deserves the very highest level of video production.  Property details are in the listing.  This is about great storytelling that’s only possible through the power of video.  What’s it like to live in this extraordinary place?  This isn’t a “property.”  It’s a lifestyle!

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Mooresville- What defines this place?

Lifestyle Video

“What Defines This Place?

A two-minute slice of life.  Produced for the Mooresville, North Carolina Chamber of Commerce.

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Presentation Video

Presentation Video

Powerful images, compelling stories and moving music stirs emotion.  Why stand in front of an audience with a Powerpoint presentation when you can use all of the power of video.  Your presentations are always consistent, you’ll never leave out that one key piece of information and you don’t have to worry about losing your voice!

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The Testimonial

Beauty and Business

Nature can be the greatest asset to a visual medium.  And when the business is a leader is the field, the video should reflect it.


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Cars as a metaphor!  How the choices you make… can make all the difference, whether it’s choosing the right car or planning your retirement.  This is a great example of how to make something seemingly non-visual (financial planning) into anything but!

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Animation Still for website


An animation can be a really fun way to get a message across.  A piece like this is produced entirely “inside the computer” so it’s a great solution when topics are not visual enough for the camera.


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